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Why Research is Key to Retail Marketing Campaign Success


Every retail brand manager believes she knows her consumer. You don’t get far in shopper marketing without having a good feel for what drives people to buy certain products. So when retail marketing campaign budgets are tight and timelines tighter, combing through research data can seem unnecessary.

But from my experience, doing your homework is never a waste of time. Undertaking a discovery process is a perfect opportunity for you to step back and evaluate the assumptions you rely on quarter after quarter to develop effective retail marketing plans.

Know thy customer

As we explore in our new Retail Marketing Success Guide, there are many veins of research to consider mining, from buyer behavior research studies to online search analytics. The research may be inside your organization already, but it could also be with retail partners or incorporate general industry data.

Regardless, building even a modest amount of research review into your process is invaluable for you as a brand manager, helping you become smarter and more confident about what makes your customers tick.

For example, behavior data collected from the social networks, discussion platforms and purchasing history helps can help you to develop a psychographic segmentation of consumers who are truly engaged with your brand, enabling more targeted campaigns to address their needs.

It’s really amazing how a small insight can shift the way you approach a new campaign. I’ve witnessed it countless times: some new, illuminating nugget of information energizes an entirely new creative process. Or it can spark an idea for pilot project that eventually leads to bigger things.

But the real value in harnessing research is in the impact it has on other stakeholders and partners.

Getting buy-in

In today’s complex and highly competitive retail landscape, you need to go the extra mile to impress your retail clients. Dreaming up an amazing concept only gets you so far. To demonstrate you strategic thinking, you need to deeply understand your retail clients customers — their particular needs, behaviors, perceptions and buying triggers. By employing this information to justify your retail campaign approach makes them sit up and take notice.

That's only the start of it, however. If you’re trying to incorporate a multichannel approach — and these days, you almost always should be — you will also need to sell other partners, agencies or internal marketing colleagues on your idea to get them on board.

Of course, all of these various stakeholders could also have relevant research. Use this virtuous circle to your advantage. Because in the end, it’s real data that makes all the difference.

Learn Secrets to Creating High-Impact Campaigns

Retail marketing moves fast, and we want to help you keep up! Our latest easy-to-digest handbook shines a spotlight on five critical elements of campaigns that will be a hit with your retail partners and deliver amazing results.

Retail Marketing Success Guide by MMK Marketing

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