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Top Must-Read Posts for Marketing Leaders: Q1 2017

MMK's Must-Read Posts for Marketing Leaders Q1 2017Don’t worry, no one can keep up with all their reading. That’s why we’ve created this quick round-up of great reads for marketing leaders from the past three months.

What you’ll find inside: AI, trust (or lack thereof), digital reinvention and other fancy stuff.

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The Fearless Girl

From AdWeek: Why McCann Dropped a Statue of a 'Fearless Girl' Next to Wall Street's Charging Bull Overnight: A New Manifesto From State Street Global Advisors. According to the credits, it took 33 people to get this campaign to market. (Sculpture: Kristen Visbal. Photo: Federica Valabrega)

Trust bust

The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer: Trust In Crisis reports:

“…trust is in crisis around the world. The general population’s trust in all four key institutions — business, government, NGOs, and media — has declined broadly, a phenomenon not reported since Edelman began tracking trust among this segment in 2012.”


dawn of a new era?

Rishad Tobaccowala, Strategy and Growth Officer for Publicis Groupe, believes we’re at The Dawn of The Third Connected Era. In his MediaPost article, he unpacks his argument and outlines the impacts of the third connected era for marketing and marketers:

In 2017, at CES, we began to see the third connected era, which builds on the link, mobility and social networks with three new connection paradigms:

  1. Deep connections between data that enable machine learning that powers Artificial Intelligence. (AI)
  2. Distributed computing and connections across a spectrum of objects that connect to everything resulting in the Internet of Things, including big things called automobiles (IOT).
  3. New ways of engaging and connecting utilizing Voice, Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality to enable communication and tell stories in new ways. (Voice/AR/VR/MR)

For some related reading, check out Chris Brogan’s take: A Splintered Web Gets Even More Fragmented

Digital Reinvention? Yes please!

McKinsey & Company presents The Case For Digital Reinvention. In a fantastic long read, it explores:

  • What are the best-performing companies doing in the face of rising pressure?
  • Which approach is more important as digitization progresses: a great strategy with average execution or an average strategy with great execution?

Further reading: Three Snapshots of Digital Transformation looks at how financial services, food retailing, and pharma are reinventing themselves in different ways.

Ready to make digital reinvention happen? Here’s some new research on the connection between strategy and execution from PwC: 10 Principles of Strategy through Execution: How to link where your company is headed with what it does best

People Skills & Talent Matters

Three great reads:

  1. Let’s Stop Calling Them “Soft Skills” by Seth Godin — What might happen if in business we recognized the essential nature of "real skills" which Godin broadlly categorizes as self control, productivity, wisdom, perception and influence?
  2. You Don't Need a “Growth Hacker” Just a Data-Driven Marketer by Adam Singer — How this trendy moniker coopts the practice of data-driven marketing. 
  3. Stop Feeding Shit Sandwiches by Claire Lew — Consider this a general Public Service Announcement: One of the most popular methods of delivering feedback is, well, shit. Here’s why and what you should do instead.

About that book you’ve been meaning to write...

Time to get inspired:

  1. A Very Good List of Vital Writing Advice — Do Not Ignore by Chuck Wendig — Sweary and NSFW, but oh so good. Likely not going to be incorporated into your next PowerPoint deck.
  2. Self-Publish The Bestseller Inside of You: A How To by James Altucher — An honest view on self-publishing from a succesful author. Includes how to get started on writing, steps in the process and whether or not there are any negatives.
  3. Write As If You're Already Dead by Lawrence Yeo — Less sweary than Chuck Wendig’s piece, but still NSFW. A good read, especially for those of us working in Content Marketing. What if we could abandon fear when telling our brand stories?

Bonus: BBC News: Why Do People Swear?

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[Note: This quarterly round-up of juicy stuff for marketing leaders has been brought to you by the enormous Brahma Chicken. “What the Cluck?” indeed!]

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