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Top Must-Read Posts for Marketing Leaders Q2 2017

MMK Marketing Blog Top Must Read Articles for Q2 2017

Here to Inspire Your Greatness

Wonder Woman

Happy Summer! How awesome was Wonder Woman? As of this writing, the film has earned $709 million worldwide passing recent DC films (Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad).

As I did last quarter, here is my curated list of reads for marketing leaders from Q2 2017.

Jump in!

Let’s warm up with this love letter from a consultant to her favorite client. Author Kelly Mallozzi shares the blueprint to an effective client-consultant collaboration.

Dear Best Client, Ever: An Open Letter to Inspire Your Greatness

Love letter to the best client

Worthy Ideas and Think Pieces

1. Executives Are in Love with the Wrong Kind of Data

The best bit:

“Maybe don’t ask for answers from your team. Ask for what they learned.
Don’t plan campaigns. Plan experiments.
Don’t act like Aristotle. Act like Galileo.
Because nobody plans to be average. So, starting today: Plan to be exceptional.”

2. Power Causes Brain Damage

From The Atlantic comes a look at the science that proves leaders lose mental capacities—most notably for reading other people—that were essential to their rise.

3. Stop All Social Media Activity (Organic) | Solve for A Profitable Reality

Avinash Kaushnik calls for marketers to stop sinking resources into brand content on organic social media as the returns simply aren’t there to justify it.

4. What Airbnb Has Discovered about Building a Lasting Brand

Airbnb and their agency undertook an internal study to quantify the impact of brand-building on an enterprise. Here’s an abridged version of the study: How to Create Loyalty Beyond Reason: The What, Why and How of Building an Iconic Brand.


Marketing Summer Reads

Marketing Summer Reader

For me, summer vacations are about R&R&R: rest, relaxation and reading. In between naps, dips in the lake, walks with the dog and preparing barbecued delights, I read. Quiet moments on vacation are a fantastic time to dig deep into a professional topic of interest when I’ve actually got the time to absorb, journal and reflect.

Here are a few suggested book lists for you to consider for your summer reads:

Summer Book Recommendations from Content Marketers

Clare McDermott writes, “Need something to snap you out of your slump? Turn to your fellow marketers for advice about books and a few practical, inspirational and downright fun.” Sample selections include: Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street (recommended by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates) and Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World (blocking off time to focus and think deeply is critical).

Your Summer Reading List from the Copyblogger Editorial Team

This list is all about writing—as an art, process and as a craft for marketers to master. Sample selections include: Process: The Writing Lives of Great Authors and The Unpublished David Ogilvy.


Know Thy Market

Quick quiz:

  • Have you used Houseparty?
  • Do you know about Zendaya?
  • Are you up on the latest hits from AwesomenessTV?

If you answered “no” to any or all of these, you need to check out the Gen Z Power List: Meet the Brands, Platforms and Creators That Teens Love.

Brands That Take a Stand Soar With Consumers

“A survey by Havas found 75% of consumers expect brands to make a contribution to their quality of life, but only 40% believe they do. Yet make no mistake that doing so pays: The survey found the stocks of ‘Meaningful Brands’ more than double the performance of stock indices on average.”

BuzzFeed Thinks Marketers Will Find More Success with Psychographics than Demographics

Me Doing Me Statistic from Buzz Feed

“Fringe and niche audiences have grown to become the majority of audiences, so by creating content that embraces the individual, as opposed to trying to fit people into certain boxes, publishers and advertisers will be able to reach audiences in a more effective way than before.”

Elon Musk, Instagram and Cannes

(Or, what the final three items in this quarter’s roundup are all about.)

This Email from Elon Musk to Tesla Employees Is a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence.

While I don’t always agree with Mr. Musk, this employee message is masterful.

When Pop Stars Have Instagram, They No Longer Need Record Labels

Disruption continues in the music business. With Instagram, we see a model where the money isn’t in airplay but touring, merchandise and sponsorships all predicated on a direct relationship with fans via social.

And finally, are you like me need to catch up on everything that went down in June at the Cannes advertising festival? Take a look through the Cannes 2017 magazine curated by the Flipboard team.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

Thanks for reading! If you have ideas for great reads for marketing leaders, please share them with us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. 

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