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Retail & Digital Marketing 2017 Recap + 2018 Look Ahead

MMK Marketing retail and digital marketing 2017 recap and 2018 look ahead

What a year that was. Now that we’ve charged into 2018, it’s important to reflect upon what as marketers we learned in 2017, and what it could mean for the year ahead.

Let’s get down to it! Our 3rd annual recap on Twitter showcased all the best 2017 year-in-review and 2018 forecasts. Here is every article, with a few highlights, organized in three broad categories:

General Business & Marketing

A look back at 2017

First, warm up with a fun video. (Did you know Amazon’s Jeff Bezos net worth grew by $33 billion in 2017 alone?)

(Source: Business News: What Happened In 2017 | Fortune)

Of course, 2017 wasn’t so rosy for everyone. Count Uber, Airlines and Virtual Reality among the wounded:

But learning from the success of others is also key. Axe, Beano, McDonald’s and Starbucks offered important lessons about brand health:

ICYMI while scrolling your social feeds, some great business books were published:

Okay, now let’s get specific.

Retail, Shopper & Experiential Marketing

A look back at 2017

Hmm, sometimes it’s best to leave the past behind us. The traditional retail landscape was pretty ugly last year, with a stunning number of store closures in the U.S.

But there were some bright spots. For instance, take a look at The best experiential marketing campaigns of 2017 (via Econsultancy).

Also, here is our top performing blog post of the year:

What’s ahead for 2018

Could 2018 could be the year of a retail renaissance? From Forbes:

The signs are promising. Retailers have come through a time of trial, and many of the ones that have survived have made the necessary adjustments to align with evolving consumer needs and desires.

The full article captures a lot of the thinking about where retail goes next: Must-Read Retail Trends And Ideas for 2018.

And two fascinating articles feature compelling new approaches to retail:


Digital, Social & B2B Technology Marketing

A look back at 2017

How did three important digital strategies change?

Also, a quick list of top campaigns:

Can you guess the top YouTube videos in Canada last year? How about which YouTube ads were most watched and shared? Be sure to scroll down to the YouTube Canada Ads Leaderboard:

Finally, because technology moves so fast, here’s a slideshow of some beloved gear and software buried in 2017 (Rest in peace, AIM):

What’s ahead for 2018

No big surprise that among ClickZ’s top 5 tech predictions for 2018, AI, AR, IoT + BlockChain, and personalization all get nods. But what caught our attention is this — more marketers will adopt an Amazon strategy:

Amazon is practically synonymous with ecommerce and yet, only 17% of the marketers we surveyed have a set Amazon strategy…63% of marketers plan to increase their Amazon budget over the next year, even more who plan to spend more with Google and Facebook. Only 1% intend to decrease their Amazon budget.

As for B2B, Account-Based Marketing (2017: The year in B2B marketing innovation), and Marketo offers B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2018 Plus 5 Strategies to Kick to the Curb.

Content marketing continues its reputation as a strategy that looks easy, but is really hard. One survey by ClearVoice, a collaborative content management platform, identified four clear challenges: lack of time, content production, establishing credibility and the abundance of channels.

Personalization, localization and use of influencers will shape content marketing strategies next year:

But it can’t all be so serious. As a parting gift, enjoy Wired UK’s seriously satirical guesses about 2018 in tech.

Bring on 2018

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