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Three Quick Fixes to Optimize Your Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing: 3 Quick Fixes to Optimize Your Lead Generation

Lead generation (and related inbound marketing methods) has matured into a core function of  marketing. In fact, HubSpot's recently-published 2015 State of Inbound report found:

  • Three out of 4 marketers across the globe prioritize an inbound approach to marketing
  • Leading marketers recognize that inbound marketing is a long game. Both past success and past failure with inbound correlates with an inbound marketing budget increase.
  • Inbound is the preferred marketing strategy regardless of company type. B2B, B2C, nonprofit—everyone’s implementing inbound tactics.

Three quick fixes to optimize your lead generation are detailed below. And don't forget to download your free copy of our ebook: 30 Best Practices for Lead Generation: Master the Art of Inbound Marketing.

Here are three quick fixes to optimize your lead generation and inbound marketing performance:

1. Make the Most of Thank You Pages

Thank you pages provide valuable real estate. Someone has done something good (they've responded to an offer). Saying thank you is powerful and important. Need some inspiration? Check out this classic TED Talk (about 3 minutes long) Lifehacker writes:

"Thank you" can be an incredibly powerful pair of words, especially if the person you're thanking really needs to hear them, or isn't expecting them. In this short TED talk, Dr. Laura Trice muses over the power of saying thank you, and reminds us why we should say it—and ask to hear it—more often.

For marketers, the actionable insight is to use Thank You pages to (1) say thank you and (2) make sure your new subscriber or lead knows what they mean to you. Provide relevant, valuable offers on Thank You pages. (For more on offers, see point #3 below.)

2. Houseclean Your Copy

Ernest Hemmingway said "Prose is architecture, not interior decoration." Take a hard look at the structure, layout and overall readability of your copy. Deploy quick fixes by adding visuals, breaking up walls of text with sub-headlines and restructuring paragraphs to bulleted lists. In doubt about readability? Check out these perrennially popular articles on usability and user experience by Jackob Neilson.

3. Place Offers All Over

Present relevant engagment offers across your digital channels (thank you pages, product pages, the home page, in blog posts, etc.). Make sure your emails include offers and promote your offers to your followers on social networks.

So there you have it, some quick fixes you can deploy to your existing online lead generation efforts. For a deep dive into the best practices for lead generation, please enjoy a free download our 30 Lead Generation Best Practices ebook.

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