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Now (and Always) Hiring: Who We’re Searching for to Grow Our Team

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Fit. It is what makes teams work. And when someone isn’t a fit, it can impact a team’s energy and tarnish hard-won client relationships.

So while this post is about growing our team at MMK Marketing, it’s really about the kind of person who is a good fit with our team.

MMK’s leaders have experienced scores of different marketing teams, managers and work cultures. We have had the opportunity to be mentored by incredible professionals. We’ve done all kinds of marketing work for all sizes and kinds of clients. And we’ve taken our share of lumps along our career journey. So we put a lot of focus on being a great team with which to work.

A Values-First Approach

When we consider working with someone new, we look for alignment with our values:

  • MMK team members are:
  • Passionate about their work, driven to deliver quality work, and deeply committed to our clients.
  • Able to thrive in a virtual environment. Freed from commuting and with cloud tools to support, MMK team members are accountable, accessible and committed to collaboration.
  • We are human and strive to be our authentic selves. MMK values honesty and open communication. We look for people who are kind, have strong people skills and enjoy a laugh.

Only then do we look at skills and depth of experience.

Sounds fantastic. But how does MMK actually work?

That’s usually one of the first questions any new candidate asks.

As a virtual agency, we do structure ourselves a little differently from a traditional agency. At a high level, here’s how our teams work together:

  • One MMK leadership team member on each project is responsible for resourcing and typically is the relationship lead with the client
  • Projects are resourced from the get-go with pre-qualified team members drawn from our network of associates, freelancers and partners
  • We implement a standard project lifecycle with supporting processes, templates and workflows
  • We collaborate via a shared toolset that includes Slack, DocuSign, OneDrive, Trello, Calliflower, Zoom…the list goes on
  • We keep open lines of communication with team members. While most meetings are done remotely, MMK leaders are members at East Room for in-person meetings. We frequently travel to our clients' facilitaties for meetings, workshops and brainstorms.

Let’s find a way to work together!

Once we’ve qualified a new team member, we typically propose a project to get started. And as long as everything works for both MMK and the team member, we find and develop new opportunities to keep working together.

Think you might be a good fit?

We’re always on the lookout for savvy marketers. Drop us a line or we can connect over LinkedIn (Leona or Monica) to explore opportunities to work together. 

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