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Must-Read Retail Trends And Ideas for 2018

retail-trends-ideas-2018With the holiday retail season now upon us, and 2018 just around the corner, here are some of the best stories we’ve shared via our social channels so far this autumn. Each article touches on the shifting landscape in retail and retail marketing, and how to change with the times.

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Big Trend: Retail Doom and Gloom

Is Traditional Retail Dead? - Vancouver Magazine

It's not the End of Retail, It’s the End of Retail As We Know It - Brian Solis

“While doom and gloom and disruption is inherent in every industry, not everything is lost or hopeless. Those who recognize the gap between today’s value proposition and the evolution of what consumers value and why, will learn exactly how to not only close it but also ways to innovate and introduce new value.
“Marketing’s Role in the Future of Retail Marketing must evolve with customer experience, Solis says. Many marketers still operate using traditional methods, but brands are being defined by customer experience. This gives marketing departments across the retail industry a chance to affect more than just messaging, but the entire customer experience.”

How To Stop Worrying And Learn To Love The Retail Apocalypse | Digital Tonto

Big Ideas

How To Succeed In Retail? Be An Editor

The founder of Appear Here, a rental platform for pop-ups, explains why he thinks the future of retail is media:

“With online retail rapidly cornering the market for convenience, Bailey believes that larger stores need to start thinking small. ‘If you think about the idea of a department store: If it’s about everything being under one roof, then it’s probably not going to work. But if a department store is about there being too much choice in the world and—under one roof, across every category—you having a point of view…’
“‘They should be using influencers, using editorial, using curation and telling us what we need and why we need it. And editing things down and creating amazing environments. That’s obviously far more easier to say than done, but department stores should feel like a livable magazine.’” 

Brands Are Doing More Experiential Marketing. Here’s How They’re Measuring Whether It’s Working – Adweek

“‘By augmenting digital marketing,’ [Freeman CMO Chris Cavanaugh] adds, ’brand experience has the potential to increase lead generation, brand advocacy, and sales, and can even make customers feel more valued.’
“When planning an experiential effort, Curmi’s team [Michael Curmi, brand experience director for Jaguar Land Rover North America] makes sure to include a social element so that they can track the event’s social reach in addition to how many people showed up, asked for a future retail contact or ultimately purchased a vehicle.” 

How Malls Are Changing

Decking the halls and creating the holiday mood | Retail Dive

“As experiences become increasingly important to get shoppers to the mall, retailers should focus not only on creating personal connections with the customer, but also tailoring experiences so they fit in with the brand‘s message.” 

The Winners in Retail Might Still Be at the Mall | The Motley Fool Canada

“Westfield and many of its competitors, such as Canadian mall owner Cadillac Fairview — Toronto’s Eaton’s Centre, Sherway Gardens, and the Shops at Don Mills — have come to the realization that these properties can’t just be filled with apparel stores because the people won’t come. They’ve got to be that third place or community centre where friends and family can gather to catch up on their busy lives. No longer does the mall with a department store anchor bring the traffic.”

Retailer Giant Watch

AmazonBasics is crushing other private brands | Retail Dive

“AmazonBasics (which started out in batteries and still mostly offers electronic essentials like phone cords) has begun to take sales from other private labels as it gets into more categories…”

Jet is Walmart's biggest weapon vs. Amazon - Business Insider 

“Jet is finding its footing under the Walmart umbrella, and the company's role as part of the largest retailer in the world is becoming clearer as it amps up the fight with Amazon online and goes after a customer Walmart couldn't easily reach.” 

Learn From Success

Gaining Shopper Trust Through Advisory Panels: The Nordstrom Way | CustomerThink

“Since 2007, the Seattle-based chain has been talking to some 14,000 shoppers, mostly women, to learn what they think about its marketing efforts, services and brand mix. They are part of its Advisory Panel, a community of dedicated customers who for 10 years have provided feedback to help Nordstrom improve its shopping experience.
“Nordstrom is among a small but influential group of retailers, including Kroger and CVS Pharmacy, asking shoppers to provide direct commentary in return for their brand influence and other perks. But unlike standard feedback mechanisms, such as random surveys, many of these panels are comprised of dedicated members, each of whom is registered. And these registrations enable merchants to gather a steady stream of data from their most influential shoppers through games, contests and other engagement tools.” 

The Secret Ingredient Behind Krispy Kreme’s Success

“The company has never spent much on advertising, relying, instead, on word of mouth, often generated from free samples. Giving away products at carefully timed moments is one of the company’s ingrained marketing tricks.
“It has been supporting community fundraising since 1955 and co-operating with charities wanting to raise money and individuals looking to hit sponsorship targets. The brand allows people to buy boxes of doughnuts at cost price, and then sell them for a profit, as long as it’s for a good cause.
“Many of these organisations are schools or children’s groups such as Scouts and Guides, which is a genius idea. Raise money for charity, while getting kids to sell to other kids, and make brand advocates of a whole new generation of doughnut-eaters. You can even request hats and balloons for your event!” 

 Retail Marketing Success Guide by MMK Marketing

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