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How MMK Grooves: Listen to Our Holiday Playlist


Everyone’s got one: the one song that for you, defines the holidays. You just have to hear it while decorating, baking, wrapping, or hosting a party for friends. You know all the words and will sing along no matter what, even if it’s only under your breath while you’re out at the mall.

Whatever your usual listening preferences are, the music we choose reflects how we celebrate the season. For most, the holidays are not a time to push boundaries. It’s about fun, comfort, even spiritual reflection — but more than anything, it’s about nostalgia and tradition.

Of course, the holidays are also a time of giving. In that spirit, we wanted to share with you a playlist of our favourite holiday songs.

A little gift for your ears

As you’ll hear, our holiday playlist is a…diverse collection. At MMK, some of us at lean heavily toward pop and R&B, others are more into folk and even bluegrass, while some prefer the traditional classics or jazz. But like any good Christmas stocking, there are a few surprises stuffed in there too.

If you’re on Spotify, find and follow the playlist here

We hope you’ll enjoy listening to our holiday playlist! Please do share it, and let us know: what’s your favorite festive ditty?

Swing by and meet the team. Check out About MMK page to see our smiling faces and read our bios.

May your season be bright!

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