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How I Strive to #BeBoldForChange


2017 is a year for change, and a year for being bold. So I couldn’t be happier that International Women’s Day is being marked this year with the powerful theme of #BeBoldForChange.

Last year was one of tremendous change for me professionally and personally, so this resonates deeply. It reminds all of us, not only women, that you must be bold to change. That you must make change. Put yourself out there. Take risks.

How I Try to Live Boldly

For me, being bold starts with driving myself and the MMK Marketing team to continue creating and executing smart marketing that inspires. It means the value of our daily work should continue to be based on its quality and performance, not by gender, ethnicity, sexuality or religion.  

But it also means that as a female-owned business, I need to keep pushing to get a seat at the table, to rise to the challenge and compete against global agencies. It’s important that I showcase how a female perspective and experience influences the quality of work in the marketplace, and contribute what I can to closing the gender equality gap in the workplace and increasing the ratio of women having a voice when business decisions are made.

As a woman who runs a boutique virtual agency, I feel I need to keep being bold in my perspective, values and personality. The way I view shopper marketing, the consumer journey, my employees, my clients and the way I contribute to this whole ecosystem is very powerful and unique, just as we all have a unique power within us. I hope that the perspective, care and appreciation I offer is felt by everyone who works with me and by the people I work for.

Breaking Barriers

Those are just a few of my thoughts on this International Women’s Day. I ask each of you to take a moment and reflect on how your actions can impact so many. It’s not just business decisions we make. Our decisions and the way we pursue our personal and professional lives impacts the success of women as they boldly push through gender barriers. Be empathetic to the risks they take and the barriers they’re trying to break. Be supportive, and look at not only the experiences of women, but at their potential to lead change as we move forward in this world. 

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