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Celebrating Civic Pride for Canada 150

MMK Marketing Chair for Bronte Village BIA Canada 150

We are all living life more online these days. But the local communities where we work, shop and have our homes still matter and need our support — maybe even moreso now than ever.

Because we run a virtual agency, MMK Marketing feels this every day, and try to take active steps to engage with people and organizations in our various communities. So when I heard about an opportunity submit a design for a public art initiative that would appear throughoutout my community this summer, I could not resist!

Local Art for a National Milestone

I live and work in Oakville, Ontario’s Bronte Village, west of Toronto. The local BIA came up with a wonderful way to particpate in Canada 150, marking the 150th anniversary of Canada’s founding: they invited local organizations, artists, businesses and families to design and paint 60 Muskoka chairs, to tell help celebrate our community. They named the initiative, “At Home in Bronte, Perspectives and Reflections”.

For the design, I teamed up with MMK Marketing Creative Director, Rob Ciancamerla, focusing on a theme of “Women Supporting Women”, playing off our agency’s commitment to supporting women’s success in business and our recent certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise. Of course, the official logo of the Canada 150 celebrations was also prominent.

Design Comes to Life

We were so excited to have our design selected! We recently painted our chair, with essential help from my daughter. It was a delight to see the design come to life, and we are thrilled with how it turned out.

All the chairs will be installed in Bronte Village for the July 1 Canada Day celebration, and remain on display and for public use throughout the summer.

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